Toyota Prius v

The five-passenger Prius v keeps the DNA of the original Prius - it's the world's best-selling hybrid by light years, after all - and adds a compact crossover mentality, with a more spacious interior and sliding second-row seats that fold down for optimum cargo capacity - 50% more than the standard Prius - along with a gas-sipping 42 mpg in-city fuel efficiency. The Prius v is one of the first Toyotas to feature Entune, technology that allows drivers to access a vast array of music options like iheartradio's 750-plus stations, Pandora personalized playlists and XM satellite radio. One of its more inventive features is GeoFencing, which allows parents, for instance, to set pre-defined borders for the vehicle. If a teenage child strays beyond them, a text notification is sent to mom and dad.
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