Best-selling cars for women

There are currently only nine new vehicles registered to more women than men. Yes, it's true. Men still dominate the car-buying statistics, although women have been steadily growing as prime car buyers (not simply "influencers") since the 1980s. Because it's been the No. 1 woman-dominated vehicle for years, the automotive press has long maligned the VW Beetle for being the quintessential "chick car." To be fair, the flower vase on the dash does give this impression. But since its arrival in May, the VW Tiguan has taken over the No. 1 position, making it the ultimate in estrogen-based car buying. The arrival of the Tiguan came alongside the ugly reality of the $4 gallon of gas, so J.D. Power and Associates' Power Information Network put together the sales numbers from the last two months to see where women's buying habits were headed. -- Los Angeles Times Staff Writers
Volkswagen Beetle
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