American Airlines pilots say new uniforms are a bad fit

Uniform liner is made of polyester and elastane

Here's a switch: Now airline pilots are complaining that they are feeling constrained and uncomfortable in a plane.

But it’s not the cramped seats that have pilots upset.

Pilots of American Airlines say the new uniforms they were asked to test are uncomfortable and fit badly. The new uniforms, which replace the outfit pilots have been wearing for 20 years, come in three cuts, “athletic,” “classic” and “average.”

In addition to the bad fit, some pilots say the pants pockets aren’t deep enough, said Gregg Overman, a spokesman for the Allied Pilots Assn., the union for American’s 15,000 pilots.

But the biggest problem is that the lining of the jacket is a blend of 96% polyester and 4% elastane, a combination that does not breathe, Overman said.

“Like most working people, pilots spend a lot of time in their work clothes,” he said.

An American Airlines spokesman said “there will be significant changes to the prototypes based on all of the good information we’ve received from employees.”

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