Crackdown on oversized carry-on bags backed by many fliers

The addition of airline bag fees several years ago created another travel annoyance: people who cram all of their travel necessities into carry-on bags to avoid the fees.

United Airlines recently began a crackdown on those passengers. And it seems that many fliers agree with United.

Nearly half of recent fliers who were questioned said they support United’s crackdown, according to an online survey of more than 1,000 adults conducted by the London-based research company YouGov.

In fact, 44% of people who have flown in the last year said passengers carry too much on to planes, making life miserable for other fliers, the survey found.

But the survey aims some criticism at the airlines, as well.

Half of recent fliers said oversized carry-ons wouldn’t be a problem if airlines didn’t charge so much in checked bag fees.


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