Anonymous tipper leaves thousands, calls it 'Tips for Jesus'

An anonymous tipper has been criss-crossing the country and leaving massive tips, some as big as $5,000, on bar and restaurant tabs and documenting the largess in an Instagram account: @tipsforjesus.

On receipt after receipt, the anonymous tipper has left gratuities that have ranged as little as $500 on a $24 bill at Jumbo's Clown Room in Hollywood. The largest tip, at least according to the social media account, was for $10,000 at a bar. 

Media reports provide few clues as to the man's identity, but apparently he's a college football fan. On some receipts, he writes the USC call "Fight on!" The date on that receipt at a South Bend, Ind., restaurant coincided with the USC-Notre Dame game. For the $84 tab, he left a $5,000 tip.    

But what exactly is motivating the generosity? That, too, is unclear, but the Instagram account's tagline says the mission is "doing Lord's work, one tip at a time."

The first tip was recorded on Sept. 8. Most recently, the anonymous tipper left a server $2,500 on a bill at a Phoenix restaurant Tuesday. 

In comments on the Instagram photos, hundreds have left requests for the anonymous tipper -- reportedly armed with an American Express Centurion card, or black card, as some call it -- to visit their establishment. 

So far, in addition to South Bend, the man has made it to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Utah and Ann Arbor, Mich. Locally, he's been to the Fig & Olive in West Hollywood and the Hungry Cat in Hollywood, so maybe he's a Southern California native? 


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