Video camera maker GoPro files confidential IPO

GoPro, the San Mateo-based maker of video cameras, filed a confidential IPO Friday, the company said in a brief statement.

Taking a page out of Twitter's handbook, the company also filed a "secret" initial public offering with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission so it would not have to reveal its financials until a later date. 

The company makes small cameras that are often mounted on helmets or other equipment and used in extreme sports and even on drones to provide a first-person point of view. 

GoPro was founded by chief executive Nicholas Woodman and quickly evolved from cameras using 35-mm film to ones using a digital format. 

The IPO filing comes just days after GoPro appointed Jack Lazar its chief financial officer.

Friday's filing also comes a day before a GoPro-made documentary airs featuring Olympic athlete Shaun White, who is sponsored by the video camera maker. 


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