Pot-themed souvenirs banned at Denver airport

Denver airport officials hope to nip the pot-themed souvenir trend in the bud

If you fly to Colorado to enjoy legal recreational use of marijuana, make sure you pick up your souvenirs before you get to Denver International Airport.

The airport’s chief executive, Kim Day, has banned the sale of pot-themed souvenirs, effective Jan. 13.

Airport officials say the airport has not been overrun with shirts, hats and socks emblazoned with images of marijuana. In fact, only one shop at the airport sold such items. But officials said they had several requests by vendors wanting to sell such souvenirs. Before the trend grew, the airport wanted to nip it in the bud.

Although recreational use of marijuana became legal last year, airport spokesman Heath Montgomery said the airport is “a family-friendly environment and we don’t want to detract from that.”

He added: “The airport is a gateway to our city, state and region and there is a lot more to Colorado than marijuana."

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