Special Report: As a deadly superbug spread, UCLA doctors raced to find the source

Trouble in Tinseltown

Carlos Chavez / Los Angeles TimesTrouble in TinseltownA long walkout by TV and film writers would inflict considerable pain on the local economy, well beyond Hollywood studios' gates. Scores of local businesses that rely on the entertainment business could be hurt. And tens of thousands of technical workers who toil behind the scenes are at risk of being thrown out of work. Discuss: |

  • Hollywood dollars vital to charities

    Hollywood raises millions for charitable causes, such as AIDS research, multiple sclerosis, autism, breast cancer and literacy.

  • Pet groomer is trimming back expenses

    In recent weeks, Newman has been polling her industry clients about the odds of a strike. The Burbank entrepreneur counts among her customers movie and TV executives as well as writers, directors, grips and gaffers.

  • From the Strike Zone

    Showtracker Blog: Strike news Coverage of the entertainment writers' strike • • •