Boquete, Panama

Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

Population: 20,000

Weather: Temperatures in the 70s year-round; dry January-April

Getting there: No direct flights. Flights from L.A. to Panama City take 6ƒ¦1/2ƒ§ hours, then it's a 30-minute flight to the town of David and a 30-mile drive to Boquete.

Healthcare: Small clinics in Boquete; Panama City has good facilities, including a Johns Hopkins-affiliated hospital.

What $250,000 will buy: Three-bed, two-bath house with volcano view, community pool, tennis courts


Hundreds of U.S. retirees provide an instant support network

All foreign income tax exempt

15-year property tax breaks

Big senior discounts on domestic air and bus fares and hotels

Economy based on the U.S. dollar makes financial transactions easy


Land title disputes common

30-day tourist visas can rush house-hunting

Finding specialized local medical care can be difficult

Water shortages in dry season


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