Home improvement: Cooling & heating

  • Button up your house for winter

    Button up your house for winter

    As leaves flutter to the ground and the temperature begins to plummet, heating bills move in the opposite direction. Heat and oil prices continue to rise, which can cut a large chunk out of a home heating budget this winter. While the weather is still balmy, take care of places outside your home....

  • Making net-zero homes a reality

    With a steamy summer behind us and colder temperatures on the horizon, prospective homebuyers are paying closer attention to energy efficiency, especially when it comes to the bottom line on home purchases. Mortgage rates and a home's sale price comprise a big chunk of the price of homeownership,...

  • Do air ducts need cleaning?

    Do air ducts need cleaning?

    Experts say it's usually not necessary. But that doesn't mean you should ignore your system.

  • Take control of heating costs

    Save energy when setting thermostat

  • Are you ready for 'solar-ready' property?

    Q: I saw a newspaper article recently about a new home that had the plumbing and wiring in place for solar systems if the buyers wanted to install them in the future. They called this a "solar-ready" home. I've never heard of doing this before. Is this something new in houses? A: At a time when...

  • Getting your ducts in a row can improve air

    Q: We had a handyman doing some work around our house last week, and he told us that he thought many of our problems with uncomfortable rooms and high energy bills were the result of duct leaks. He then said the biggest thing to worry about was potential backdrafting problems when we use our fireplace...

  • Paying of the green

    More folks are willing to put their money where their conscience is ... and to take aim at energy costs

  • The heat is on to buy furnace

    It's always a tough situation when a major appliance, such as your furnace, decides it's had enough of working for a living and chooses to quit producing any more heat. You have the heating contractor out to examine the situation, and you end up with options to repair the old furnace, replace it...

  • Power player: Device sniffs out electricity hogs

    OK, power trippers. Here's another weapon in the fight against high electricity bills: a power meter called Watts Up? that asks a question but knows the answer to what's abusing power around the house. You know the major offenders -- the refrigerator, the electric clothes dryer and, in the summer,...

  • Put the freeze on high heating bills

    Adding insulation will pay for itself

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