Take a sneak peek at what could be a gold iPhone 5S [Video]

Apple is expected to release the latest versions of its iPhone next month, and rumors say a gold-colored phone could be introduced.

In addition to the traditional black and white options, the iPhone 5S will reportedly come in a "champagne" version.


Which device should you get?

You can wait until Sept. 10, the expected unveiling, to compare the three models, or you can simply watch the YouTube video above.

The video was posted online Monday and shows the three different color options of the expected iPhone 5S.

Though the new golden option is super shiny and pretty to look at, the black and white models are still very aesthetically pleasing too.

The video also compares the gold iPhone 5S model with a light blue, plastic iPhone. That version of the device is also expected to be unveiled next month as a low-cost option. Reports say it will be called the iPhone 5C.

Check out the video and start window shopping.