Eminem Offends Daytona Mayor

Eminem is no longer welcome in Daytona Beach.

The rapper offended Daytona Beach's mayor with his profanity Friday during a concert filmed at the annual Black College Reunion for Black Entertainment Television.

"He would definitely not be welcome back to perform," said Mayor Bud Asher. "Evidently this guy is a renegade and he does whatever he wants."

Eminem was part of a lineup of rappers and R&B musicians, including Snoop Dog, Missy Elliot and Nelly, scheduled to perform at the annual weekend gathering in this beach town. The performances will air next month on BET.

The mayor said he had an agreement with BET officials that profanity and lewd behavior would not be allowed at the concert, which was held at a city-owned band shell on the beach.

BET officials said that after they asked Eminem to tone down his language he had agreed to perform one of his songs a second time without profanity.

"We just wanted to make sure the mayor's fears were assuaged," said Robert Santwer, a BET spokesman. "We just wanted him to know it won't happen again."

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