Artists Ready For Hip-Hop Awards

Wyclef Jean, Missy Elliott and Redman have all been tapped to participate in this year's Online Hip-Hop Awards.

The awards honor the best in hip-hop, according to those who vote on The ceremony is scheduled for May 3 in New York.

Jean is expected to perform, and rapper Redman will be the co-host along with fellow rapper and radio personality Angie Martinez.

Elliott will be given a special award, The SHiNE Anti-Violence Award, for her efforts against domestic violence.

"I am happy that I was able to get such an important message out to teens and I hope that it helped anyone who has or is going through a similar situation," Elliott said in a statement. "It's important for teens to know they are not alone and that things can get better."

Elliott has said she lived in an abusive household as a child.

The award will presented by the national youth organization SHiNE (Seeking Harmony in Neighborhoods Everyday).

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