Hair cut: Canucks' Glass rips mullet of Blackhawks' Kane

Tribune reporter

VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- If you did not know there are rules to styling your hair in a mullet -- besides, you know, don't style your hair in a mullet -- there in fact are at least unspoken regulations.

And, according to Canucks winger Tanner Glass, Patrick Kane is defying them.

On Monday, the Chicago Blackhawks winger re-debuted the mullet-style haircut he sported during the team's Stanley Cup run last postseason. On Tuesday, Glass, himself a mullet aficionado, was calling Kane's new 'do a definite don't.

"It's embarrassing," Glass said. "He kind of mocks the mullet. I'm not too pleased with that to be honest."

Mocking the mullet?

"I don't think there are rules, but when you do it for a few months and then you cut it off, that’s kind of mocking it," Glass said. "I'd respect him more if he had it year-round."

Before this became another full-blown element to the Hawks-Canucks rivalry, Kane attempted to defuse the situation, such as it is, once his team finished practice at Rogers Arena on Tuesday.

"I'm actually kind of using mine as a joke, so if he's insulted, you can tell him it's a joke," Kane said.

Kane was then told that Glass was peeved specifically because it was a joke.

"Oh, I don't know," Kane said. "It's something I did at first just to get a little bit of a rise out of the boys on my team. It seemed like it kind of worked last year, so I had to bring it back. Not making fun of him. Just trying to get a laugh out of the boys."

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