Dance - Victoria Jaiani

Ah, the ballerina — the one word conjures up much of the mystique and majesty of dance. An exemplar in our midst is the Joffrey Ballet's Victoria Jaiani — only 25, but a contender for Chicagoan of the Year for some years running now. In 2010 her artistry soared to new heights. In one evening alone, on Oct. 13, she seemed to be three completely different women: a sharp neoclassicist in George Balanchine's “Stravinsky Violin Concerto,” a loopy self send-up in Jerome Robbins' artfully slapstick “The Concert (or the Perils of Everybody)” and a haunting lead in “After the Rain,” blending beauty and drama and shedding new light on a modern classic - Sid Smith
Tribune photo by Alex Garcia
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