A few of our favorite green things

"Going green" has never been easier. And sure, checking out these green-named things won't help the environment much, but at least the phrase still applies. In honor of the greenest of all holidays, St. Patrick's Day, here is a quick collection of restaurants, bars and spas that are all green—in one way or another.

Green breakfast
Orange (2011 W. Roscoe St. or 3231 N. Clark St.; 773-248-0999 or 773-549-4400)

Kitsch'n (600 W. Chicago Ave.; 312-644-1500 or 2005 W. Roscoe St.; 773-248-7372)

Kitsch'n and Orange both feature green eggs and ham on their menus, but prepare them slightly differently. The "green" for both dishes is derived from basil pesto, but Kitsch'n's eggs are served with scallions and baked ham, while Orange adds roasted tomatoes, mozzarella and pancetta to the mix.

Green drinks
Green Door Tavern (678 N. Orleans St.; 312-664-5496): Housed in a 137-year-old building, the Green Door Tavern is one of the oldest bars in the city. Built after the Great Fire, the tavern is one of the only wooden buildings in the business district. .

Green Mill Jazz Club (4802 N. Broadway Ave.; 773-878-5552): In its century-long residency, this jazz spot has hosted Billie Holiday and Benny Goodman, served drinks to Charlie Chaplin and Frank Sinatra, and achieved notoriety when a Capone henchman slashed the throat of house singer and comedian Joe E. Lewis for wanting to perform elsewhere. .

Green eats
Green Zebra (1460 W. Chicago Ave.; 312-243-7100): A nearly all-vegetarian menu make this zebra "green." Even those not of the veggie persuasion can enjoy these small, flavorful meals. Try the burrata salad, chestnut-puree pot stickers or poached egg over smoked-potato puree.

The Greenhouse at the Ritz Carlton (160 E. Pearson St.; 312-573-5154): Set atop Water Tower Place in the heart of Michigan Avenue, Greenhouse offers quite a view. Try the traditional afternoon English tea or weekend brunch.

Green spas and salons
Salon Echo (1134 W. Bryn Mawr Ave.; 773-989-2358, Salon Echo is doubly green. Not only are the spa walls coated in a calming pastel green, but it is a self-described environmentally friendly day spa. The Edgewater salon includes facials, waxing, haircuts and styling, nail services, and massages.

Green Nails and Massage Salon (203 N. Wabash Ave.; 312- 814-0225): Green Nails and Massage Salon gets its "green" from sister-owners Myra and Ilisa Green. Not to say they aren't environmentally green: When the green trend hit, Myra joked with her sister, "We've been Green all our lives." They offer chair and regular massages, manicures, pedicures and facials.