Eva Lopez

Eva Lopez, 52, used her life-savings and bought the house of her dreams with her husband, a two flat near Kimball and Lawrence, in 2003. The combination of her variable rate loan going up in 2008 and a loss in business caused Lopez to no longer be able to afford her monthly mortgage payment. She called her bank and asked whether there was some way to reduce her mortgage payments. Once, she said, a representative told her, "You have to make a choice: You either eat or make your mortgage payments." When they moved to their home, her then 11-year-old son playfully ran around the house, Lopez said. "Where we lived before, he couldn't do that." "(If I lose the house) I would have to rent again, but it's not that easy." She worries that she will have "lost everything I had in the house -- my life savings." Get the full story.
Tribune photo by Chris Sweda
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