"Circle of Friends" (1995)

The performances in "Circle of Friends" are all first-rate, which makes it easy to believe that you're really back in Ireland in 1957, witnessing the trials, tribulations and romantic longings of young Bernadette "Benny" Hogan. Benny is what her neighbors like to call a "healthy" girl--physically strong and emotionally solid--but not too much of a looker. Benny would be the first to admit that she is easily damaged when it comes to matters of the heart, which is why she knows she is taking a risk in falling for Jack Foley (Chris O'Donnell), the star of the rugby team and one of the cutest boys at Trinity College in Dublin. Based on Maeve Binchy's best-selling novel, it not only tells the story of Benny and Jack, but also of Benny's two childhood friends, their romantic entanglements and the assorted men who pursue them.
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