Lisa Loeb

You know Lisa Loeb, the pop star with all the luck. Private school, surgeon father, posh college education, chance encounter with actor Ethan Hawke that led to a swap of a demo of a song that wound up with that song, "Stay," being featured in "Reality Bites." and heading to the top of the Billboard charts for Loeb's "Stay." Whew! And now, a children's book: "Lisa Loeb's Silly Sing-Along: The Disappointed Pancake and Other Zany Songs." She'll be at Anderson's Bookshop signing copies, and hosting a singalong. Why go: Shimmying kids and their giddy parents. That is all. Reconsider: It's rough that some people have all the luck. If you're a hater, you probably won't like being around the effervescent Loeb. Details: 7 p.m. Friday at Anderson's Bookshop, 123 W. Jefferson Ave., Naperville; free with purchase of $14.95 book; 630-355-2665 or
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