John Ruffin's production of the Broadway hit "Dreamgirls," the first in a series Ruffin is calling "Off Broadway to Bronzeville," is also in celebration of Women's History Month. "Dreamgirls," the rags-to-drama-filled-riches story of female singing group the Dreams will have a cast that includes Season 10 "American Idol" contestant Ta-Tynisa Wilson, with Opal Staples and China Stewart. Why go: For the songs that have been etched in our minds by the Jennifer Hudson film version of the Tony Award-winning musical. Reconsider: There is only one Effie White: Jennifer Holliday. Details: Through March 31 at Harold Washington Cultural Center, 4701 S. King Drive; $40-$60; 866-468-3401, ticketweb.com
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