Rick Tramonto

"I was the opening chef of Bice in Chicago. I got into a huge row with some of the corporate management there, and I was done. I had my apron on, and I walked from Bice to Trotter's, and I didn't even realize that I walked that far. I knocked at the back door. (Charlie Trotter) answered, and I walked in, and I said, 'I just left my job. Got any positions open? I need a job. I'll take whatever you got.' And he's like, 'Uhhhh, yeah OK.' And I remember him bringing me out to the dining room, and we had a cup of coffee. He was kind of calming me down. He says, 'Come in Monday, be an a.m. sous (chef).'" -- Rick Tramonto (Trotter's a.m. sous-chef, 1989; executive chef, R'evolution, New Orleans)
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