George Lepauw -- Classical Music

George Lepauw lives his life according to a precept he picked up as a very young child studying piano with Aida Barenboim, mother of former CSO music director Daniel Barenboim, in his native Paris. "I would be playing, and she would surprise me by lifting my arms up," he recalls. "And if they went right up, she knew I wasn't putting enough weight in them. That really shaped my whole conception of musical sound, but also my conception of life ¿ because to do anything right and well, you have to be convinced of what you're doing, and you have to do it all the way." Absolute conviction, thinking big and a determination to turn his idealistic vision into something new, daring and important for the cultural life of Chicago are the forces that drive Lepauw. They help to explain why 2012 was a banner year for the 32-year-old Chicago-based pianist and arts administrator, and why the second annual edition of his brainchild, the Beethoven Festival, helped to raise Chicago's profile as an international center of the arts. Read the full story
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