Eat This: Blueberry pie at Rustic House

Blueberry pie: With a name like Rustic House, a restaurant figures to keep its desserts, well, simple, and so it is with this luscious blueberry pie ($10), presented in a cast-iron dish. Perched above the lattice-crust top are a scoop of blueberry gelato (supplied by Black Dog Gelato, rapidly becoming the go-to supplier for Chicago's restaurants) and a dab of Chantilly cream; beneath, of course, are 2 inches of piping-hot blueberry filling. The only downside is that chef Jason Paskewitz figures he has enough local blueberries to last out the month, and that will be it until next summer. So don't dawdle. 1967 N. Halsted St., 312-929-3227, — Phil Vettel
Brian Cassella/Chicago Tribune
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