What book are you embarrassed to admit you own?

We asked our

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: What books are you embarrassed to admit you own? Here are some of your answers:

: "Maybe Jewel's 'poetry' collection?"

: "Atlas Shrugged"

: "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Massage. Got it in college, so I could work my magic on 'the ladies.' " Then added: "Sadly, none of the ladies seemed interested...."

: "The Da Vinci Code."

: "'The Secret.' Sorry to whomever got it for me as a gift, but I could not even stand reading a full page. Blaaaarg!"

(We got a couple of votes for 'The Secret,' truth be told.)

: "Definitely 'The Fountainhead.' Kinda 'Blink' - b/c I bought it before I read 'Tipping Point' & I coulda saved myself $10."

: "BOTH of Ethan Hawke's novels."

Who else? Confess and unburden yourself of bookshelf shame in the comments section below.