Don't be ascared, little Bulls

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Bulls players faced adversity


in the third quarter of Game 2 of their playoff series against Philadelphia --- the first time they faced a hard playoff test coming at them since

Derrick Rose

tore his left anterior cruciate ligament and took the Bulls’ title hopes with him. They turtled, they quit and I believe they've negotiated a group rate for spine replacements.

John dribble dribble dribble Lucas

dribble dribble dribble III dribble dribble dribble.

You expect that from Lucas.


It hurts the Bulls offense, but that’s what he is. That’s his game. The bigger problem is when you get that from C. dribble dribble dribble J. dribble dribble dribble Watson dribble dribble dribble.

Once Rose's left ACL tore up the Bulls postseason,

Game 3 of Bulls-


was knocked down from




. After that pathetic second half in Game 2, Game 4 has now been bumped to




dribble dribble.

Let's see now:

A surprise draft pick in the first round, a guy with character and/or discipline issues in the second, a safety in the third, and of course at least one of them pre-injured --- come out of there,

Jerry Angelo

, we know that’s you behind

Phil Emery

’s glasses.

If you closed your eyes,

you’d swear those picks were made by Angelo. Of course, if you closed your eyes, you’d make better picks than Angelo.

Here's the deal:

If you use Angelo’s scouts, you end up with Angelo’s “geniusness.’’

The Bears’ second-round pick,


Alshon Jeffery

, comes from South Carolina, and I’m thinking, how many great receivers come out of Steve Spurrier programs?

Emery said the Bears will develop

a “Devin package’’ for

Devin Hester

, and I’m wondering, is every Bears decision-maker contractually bound to abide by the stupidity of diminishing the greatest kick returner in



Question for Jonathan Vilma:

How much for a cart-off of the commissioner?

By waiting until after the draft

to punish New Orleans players for their pay-for-paralysis program, the NFL hurt the the franchise even more, leaving the


without clarity regarding holes to be filled because of suspensions. Works for me.

Revenue opportunity:

Change the suspensions weekly as Roger


makes like Pat Sajak and spins the wheel with players’ names right before kickoff to determine those suspended for that game. “Sorry, Drew, take a seat today.’’

Doesn’t Drew Brees deserve a suspension

for being stupid and/or lying about knowledge of the bounty program while serving as player rep whose union should care about the safety of union members?

Lions receiver Calvin Johnson

said he wants the ball spread around more. No lie. True fact. Second the motion, said the Bears.

Each of the seven rounds of the draft

usually take between 1:30 and 3:30, so how soon does the NFL decide the draft should be one round each day? As soon as it takes ESPN to write the check, I suppose.

It’s not that Kahlil Bell signed

his tender with the Bears, it’s whether he fumbled the pen.


dribble dribble.

White Sox third base coach Joe McEwing

will wave home anyone anytime. OK, maybe not

Paul Konerko


Jake Peavy as pitcher of the month

beats Jake Peavy as pitcher FOR a month.

Jeff Samardzija, 3-1, 3.41 ERA, 1.23 WHIP

--- I believe he was just named Contract Year Pitcher of the Month.

Raise your hand if you expected

Red Sox

ownership to blame

Theo Epstein

for the damp, blustery weather in Chicago last weekend.

Jose Canseco claimed his Twitter account

was deleted by aliens. Yeah, the same creatures that deleted his brain.

Detroit’s Delmon Young was suspended seven games

for anti-semitic comments, but at least he wasn’t dumb enough to appeal his punishment to the Jewish commissioner.


dribble dribble.

Tommy Rees

--- party like a champion today.

No, wait, that isn't the message

from the sanctimonious frauds in South Bend. I believe the song starts “Wake up the bail bondsmen.’’

A Nebraska assistant football coach

testified before the Omaha City council against an anti-discrimination ordinance that extended protections to gay and transgender people. Just in case you doubted football was a Neanderthal sport.

The Cowboys ought to give
Morris Claiborne

jersey No. 4.

The Browns reportedly almost traded Colt McCoy

to the


, but the deal fell through, presumably because Cleveland realized if the Packers want your quarterback, you should keep him.

Metta World Peace got a seven-game suspension

for an elbow to

James Harden

’s head, and I’m thinking, Jonathan Vilma would’ve paid him $1,000.

My ballot might be late,

but I have

Rajon Rondo

as First-Team All-Stupid.

And say hello

to your team captain: Amar’e Stoudemire.


dribble dribble.