Ten @ 10: Easter basket must-haves

Peeps and jelly beans line the shelves. What is your go-to Easter candy?

1. A homemade dark chocolate bunny from Windy City Sweets. – Joe Gray

2. The Brachs chocolate covered marshmallow egg:  pure sugar, with a great shell to chip at. Runner-up: the chocolate-covered Peep. – Christopher Borrelli

3. I’ll dig in anybody’s Hershey variety collection for Krackles. Any kind of chocolate rice/crispy candle is a 10 out of 10 in my book, and  if it’s wrapped in pretty Easter colors, all the more reason to eat them. – Shamontiel Vaughn

4. Reese’s peanut butter eggs: They’ve been banned from our house because of our propensity to eat them a sack at a time. – Steve Cavendish

5. Cadbury Creme Eggs: This is the only time of year I will tolerate the rich atrocity of the things. But man, it is sweet. – Lauren Viera

6. Another vote for Cadbury eggs: It’s all because of the commercial with the lion wearing bunny ears and trying to go “bok bok bok” like a chicken.  – Cheryl Bowles

7. For sentimental reasons: The 3-ounce Fannie May sold milk chocolate Easter bunny, which always served as the centerpiece of my kids’ Easter baskets. Eat the ears first. – Denise Joyce

8. They’re cute, addictive and called Easter Malted Milk Chocolate Speckled Robins Eggs. – Judy Hevrdejs

9. Fannie May chocolate eggs, and I’m not sharing. – Linda Bergstrom

10. Dove Milk Chocolates: The holiday foil wrapping adds a colorful hue to any Easter basket; The flavor is like butter, smooth and rich.  – Stephanie Williams

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