ReSource PowerStation Traveller

What it is: A soft carrying case that hides a power strip for your car, boat or RV. Charge as many as three hand-held gadgets while you drive (you can use the devices while they charge). When you reach your destination, the lightweight Traveller easily hauls your gear and the messy cords to your hotel room, where you can continue to charge your gadgets if you buy the optional DC-to-wall-outlet adapter. How it works: You will need to buy a car adapter for each of your gadgets. Plug the adapters into the bottom compartment of the Traveller, and position the three hand-helds -- say, three small phones or one GPS unit and one smart phone -- in the top compartment. Adjustable clasps hold your devices in place. Now, plug the Traveller's adapter into your vehicle's outlet. The good: The case craftily conceals charging cables, so they don't turn your car floor into a bowl of spaghetti. The shoulder strap can be partly disconnected and wrapped around an empty passenger seat and reconnected to keep the case secure and within reach. If there is a front-seat passenger, the case can be tossed into the back; the Traveller's 5-foot charging cable can still reach the outlet. The case isn't bulky. The bad: Not much to say here. It could be slightly bigger to hold, say, a GPS device, an iPod and a smart phone simultaneously. Wished the optional AC/DC adapter were included. Cost: $35; as much as $14 less if you shop around. Available from:; 877-273-7225 --Eric Gwinn
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