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John Keilman is a general assignment reporter for the Chicago Tribune, based in the suburbs. He writes about sports, education, health, drug abuse and many other subjects. Before joining the Tribune in 2001, he worked as a reporter in Virginia, Maryland and Ohio. Tips about strange occurrences, public outrages and inspiring people always welcome.

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  • Dorothy Rodham dies at 92; mother of Hillary Clinton

    Dorothy Rodham dies at 92; mother of Hillary Clinton

    Her compassion, humor and toughness as a stay-at-home mother in the 1950s profoundly influenced her daughter.

  • Toronto takes eco seriously

    Toronto is Canada's largest city, a multicultural stew of 2.5 million people spread along the shore of Lake Ontario, and it takes its tree-hugging seriously. Trash cans have separate slots for paper and plastic. Street signs warn against letting cars idle for more than three minutes. A massive...