Demetri Martin

Martin's act is often likened to a twee Mitch Hedberg: cutesy one-line non sequiturs that range from automatic towel dispensers one second and the origins of clocks the next. (¿I wonder how long it took to make the first clock? No one will ever know.¿) Martin drew laughs at the Chicago Theatre on Thursday, for sure, but his jokes seem better suited for television, whose viewers have attention spans as long as ... look! A shiny object! Of the five co-acts who performed (Martin served as host, throwing in a dozen lines between each comic), two delivered recess-of-your-belly laughs: Chicago native Hannibal Buress, comedy's boy wonder-du-jour, who takes an idea and veers into the unexpectedly spectacular. And David O'Doherty, a keyboard-toting Irish comic who won over the 3,000-plus audience by being a whir of energy and brogue. -- Kevin Pang
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