Defendant: Willie Wimberly

Charge: First-degree homicide Wimberly, along with Guy Manning and his brother Arthur, all of the 900 block of West Main Street in St. Charles, are accused of killing Naromi Mannery, 28, who was stabbed in the chest and died early Sept. 22, 2008. Prosecutors said the Mannings and Wimberly attacked Mannery, who was drunk and causing a disturbance in their home. Guy Manning, 51, struck Mannery with a collapsible chair, and Wimberly, 56, punched the victim, according to prosecutors. Arthur Manning, 57, then stabbed Mannery three times in the arm, back and chest with a knife his brother had given him, officials said. Mannery then walked away and collapsed. Police followed the trail of blood back to the house, officials said. Police said a fourth man, Darren A. Barnett, didn't participate in the stabbing, but tried to wash away blood at the scene. He was charged with obstructing justice. Neighbors said many of those who lived at the West Main Street home were carnival workers. Records show the home is listed as the business address for Windy City Amusements, a family-run business that owns and operates rides, attractions and concessions in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin, according to its Web site. Wimberly served two stints in prison, both for a robbery in Cook County in the late 1980s. He also spent time in prison for an aggravated battery conviction in Kane County in 1995. Neither of the Mannings has a history of violent crimes in Kane County. Mannery pleaded guilty to a disorderly conduct charge in 2008. According to court documents, Mannery was arrested in June when he refused to stop knocking on a neighbor's door and police were called.
St. Charles Police Department
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