Maximize your exercise

Here are some innovative products that will make it safer, easier and more fun to get in shape.

Mio Heart Pro watch

You might have seen this nifty watch on TV or in your favorite magazine. That's because Mio watches offer something new: a heart rate monitor that is ECG-accurate without a chest strap. It allows you to check your heart rate any time by placing your fingers on the sides of the watch. This instant feedback allows you to gauge your exercise level. The Mio Heart Pro is loaded with features, including programs, timers, alarms, lights, interchangeable bands and much more. It is water resistant, and has an easy-to-change battery. Mio watches come in many colors, styles and models for men and women.

Price: $70 and up Where to buy: Sporting goods stores, and online retailers including

Banglz wrist and ankle weights

Exercise doesn't get more effortless than this. Banglz are comfy weighted bands wrapped in stylish sleeves. They are worn like bracelets on the wrist or ankle, and are extremely lightweight. Yet they offer just enough resistance to maximize your daily activities with low impact. (Using resistance makes your muscles work a little bit harder, improving strength and balance gradually.) Banglz come in bright, trendy prints with interchangeable sleeves. They are available in 1/2-pound and 1-pound weights for the wrist; 1 and 2 pounds for the ankles.

Price: $25-$42 per pair Where to buy:

Sunglasses with built-in readers

Ever wish someone would invent a pair of sunglasses that would allow you to read fine print while outdoors? Now, they have! Ono's Trading Company sells sunglasses with polarized lenses that have a reader magnification enhancement system. These sunglasses eliminate the need to switch glasses to read or perform other close-up tasks like reading a scorecard on the golf course or looking at your cell phone display. The glasses come in 10 styles for men and women, different lens colors, and a range of lens powers.

Price: $60-$170 Where to buy:

Balance Walking Poles

Balance Walking poles take an ordinary walk and safely turn it into a full body workout. That's because you use your arms to push off from the poles while walking, engaging your upper-body muscles. Walking with the poles also helps increase balance and stability, which is great for seniors. Balance Walking poles come in one-piece, non-adjustable shaft versions, and telescoping two-piece adjustable length versions. They feature grips with special walking straps, and different tips for different surfaces such as sidewalks, trails, the beach, snow and ice. Foot Solutions, the parent company, will donate $5 to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure breast cancer charity for each set of pink Balance Walking Poles sold.

Price: $50-$60 a pair Where to buy: Foot Solutions stores and online at

Kuru walking shoes

This stylish new shoe line is all about customized comfort, support and style. Kuru shoes have a high-tech interior sole that custom molds to your foot. The mid-sole offers the support of a custom orthotic, which Kuru claims is the most ergonomic and anatomically correct active shoe midsole available. The shoes are designed to perform under all conditions, whether traveling, walking, hiking, or running errands. The shoes were developed with a team of podiatrists, physical therapists and footwear specialists. According to the company's Web site, people with heel and foot pain highly recommend these shoes. They come in several different styles (tie and slip-on) for men and women, and kicky colors, too.

Price: $80-$100 Where to buy: