This week in food writing

While you polished off the Christmas goose, the Tribune food staff was hard at work...

Phil Vettel, Chris Borrelli and Kevin Pang recaps the highlights and lowlights of Chicago dining in 2011. [LINK]

Kevin Pang writes that at Svea in Andersonville, ordering lutefisk comes with a 5-stanza song. [LINK]

Dining in Chinatown on Christmas Day? A list of best bets from Kevin Pang that includes no pork or shellfish. [LINK]

In this week's "Out To Lunch" feature on business lunch options, Phil Vettel profiles Topolobampo. [LINK]

Our staff choices for our favorite recipes from the pages of Good Eating in 2011. [LINK]

Bill Daley looks at and recreates Christmas food traditions around the world. [LINK] 

Daley returns with a recipe for the traditional Italian Pandoro Christmas Tree. [LINK]

Wine columnist Bill St. John on how to pair wine with unruly foods (low alcohol, high acidity is the key). [LINK]

Beer writer Josh Noel lists his favorite books about the friendly suds. [LINK]

Hosting a party? Good Eating editor Joe Gray has a super-simple recipe for red chili and cheddar crackers. [LINK]

JeanMarie Brownson says peppery beef tenderloin makes the perfect splurge this holiday season. [LINK]

Remember George Diamond's Steakhouse on Wabash? One reader searches for a recipe for its French salad dressing, and Bill Daley finds an approximation. [LINK]

More Bill Daley: he finds a Christmas recipe for British "Sugar Mice." [LINK]

Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz on a new book that teaches how to create romantic dinners. [LINK]

Jenniffer Weigel stumbles upon a recipe called "Accidental Chicken." [LINK]

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