Pulaski Day deals: Getting ready for summer

Pulaski Day is known in Chicago mom culture as "Another Freaking No-School Day Before the Weather Gets Nice Enough to Kick the Kids Outdoors You Have Gotta Be Kidding Me Day."  This is compounded by the fact that many Chicago summer camp programs are requiring us to make decisions about where to send our kids now. Ease the pain with some daily deals to cut the cost of summer activities, a Walgreens diaper deal and oh so much more:

  • Discounted summer camp at Kits Sports Center in Lake Zurich. You pay $30 for a $60 voucher or $50 for a $100 voucher towards various sports camps. Today on Living Social.
  • Half off drop-in toddler play. You pay $35 for five 2-hour play sessions at Toddlers' Playhouse in Lakeview.
  • Diaper discount: I'm adding this hot Pampers deal at Walgreens to my Sunday ads roundup. 
  • A sweeter diaper deal at Target than previously reported. Jill Cataldo explains how to use Target store coupons to improve the diaper gift card offer there this week. That link is to her big weekly post running through all the Chicago stores, so scroll to the Target section to find the diaper deal.

And how about some deals for grown-ups, too?

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