Colors to paint an L.A. bedroom

Bedroom style inspirations range from the glamour of Rodeo Drive to the hipness of Silver Lake. A beautiful paint color helps to create the style of your room.

As the most personal room in a home, the bedroom is the ideal place to choose colors that reflect personality and taste. While soothing, restful colors drive the palette in a bedroom, there should also be an uplifting quality to the overall color scheme.  Paint color can help you wake up feeling invigorated and ready to tackle your busy Los Angeles schedule. 

Earthy, rich Benjamin Moore® paints create warmth and depth that are energizing by day and cozy by night. A spicy red (Pomegranate AF-295) can be tamed by cooler accents found in a duvet and freshened with creamy wall trim (Linen White INT. RM).

A medium–toned neutral wall color is a versatile option that suits any style or gender. Arctic Gray 1577 is an understated charcoal that highlights other items in the room by softening dark woods, providing a crisp contrast for white linens, and mixing well with bold textiles.

Muted blues and greens, such as lavenders and sages, are comforting and soothing bedroom ideas. A celadon, such as Dill Weed 481 is easy on the eyes; while a crisp white trim gives the gentle mood a touch of contrast and energy.

An accent wall in a strong color adds drama. In bedroom design, tone down the bold paint's drama by using a darker tone. A deep blue, such as Irises 1440, mirrors the light at dusk, making it a soothing choice. If used in a nook, it envelops the bed, like a favorite cashmere sweater, and feels sheltering and calming. The juxtaposition of light and dark surfaces, fabrics and paint, keeps a balance between tranquility and invigoration.

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