Painting your kitchen walls

Sundance Film Festival

The colof of the kitchen should be easygoing, adaptable and appealing to everyone since it is one of the busiest rooms in the house. The kitchen is often a center for family meals and activities, a place where friends gather for a casual dinner or children take over for homework.

In a kitchen lit with morning sunshine, embrace a richer color like Benjamin Moore's Sundance (2022-50) golden yellow for the walls. This kind of color works especially well when the walls are broken up by plenty of white–painted cabinets and crisp white trim.

Kitchen work surfaces — like slate, granite, or tile — can also set the color agenda. As a rule of thumb, if their color is prominent you should go several shades lighter on the walls. Here, a stone fireplace sets the mood for a rustic lichen–green, Guilford Green (HC–116).

Open wall shelves displaying dinnerware sets and glasses are both practical and decorative and only need a dash of color, like At Sea (666), to make them sparkle. Keep the palette light and airy where there's lots of open display to prevent everything from looking too busy.

Casual eat-in kitchens are used for meals any time of day so choose interior paint colors that will look good in morning light and after dark. Mutable hues that change with the light, like this pale violet–gray, are ideal. Oxford Gray (2128–40) looks soft and pretty in sunlight and turns grown–up and sophisticated when the lights go down.

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