Decorate a small kitchen

In a kitchen where square footage is at a premium, all it takes is a little imagination and ingenuity to design an area that's functional, inviting and beautiful. Follow these tips to decorate your small kitchen space.

1. Choose furniture pieces that can serve multiple functions. Start with a beautiful compact pedestal table. This classic solution for small spaces allows ample leg room for family and guests. The Shayne Kitchen Tables is small yet versatile and can be easily expanded to 54" when additional seating is needed.

2. Add comfortable kitchen chairs to make your kitchen an inviting spot to linger. Look for creative options in your own kitchen like converting a bay window into extra seating by simply adding a bench and cushions.

3. Think vertically — cleverly placed wall–mountable shelves can convert often–wasted space into a spot for showcasing favorite spices or displaying unique artwork.

4. Versatile storage pieces like baskets and buckets are a great way to easily store a mix of books and cookware. They can also hold frequently used dining essentials, piles of table linens, and inspirational magazines.

5. The right lighting is fundamental in creating an area that is energizing and inviting. Use pendant lights to shed ample direct light over a kitchen workspace or breakfast bar.

6. Finish your small kitchen with simple accessories. Try ivory window hangings, neutral–hued cushions, natural–fiber accents and a high–quality rug in a warm palette. Creating a unifying color scheme will help keep your space feeling open.

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