How to choose dining room furniture

With today's casual lifestyle, meals are a moveable feast guided by simplicity and ease. The dining area is just as often in the kitchen or great room as it is in a formal dining room. In all these spaces, you want to choose dining furniture that can be fine-tuned to accommodate afternoon snacks and family dinners, or seat a crowd.

Choosing a table comes first, and it can be hard to find one tailored to all your needs. As an added challenge, the modern-day dining room is now a place to pay bills and do homework as much as it is a place to eat. For the shape of your dining table, consult the room itself. If your dining room is spacious, opt for a long rectangular table to fill the room. No matter what table shape you choose, find a size that allows at least twenty-four inches for each person's place setting.

Comfortable seating is basic to a well-furnished dining room, but it doesn't have to look basic. In all of your choices, remember this: Rooms evolve. Don't be shy about adding new elements like a change of lighting or switching details like seating around. Trust your own style and follow your own rules. If your dining room makes you happy, chances are it will make your guests happy, too.

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