How to choose outdoor accessories

Accessories bring a space to life. They set the mood, add color and texture, and have the power to make an ordinary space extraordinary. Even in the outdoors, it's the details that make it truly inviting.

To make a cohesive arrangement with little day–to–day maintenance, choose accessories designed specially for the outdoors. Crafted to withstand inclement climate, they weather beautifully through sunshine or rain.

Start with a color theme of your choice. Blue is the color of sky and water, easily complementing earth tones and nature's seasonal palettes. To accessorize your outdoor zone, work from the outside in. Minimize direct sunlight with patio umbrellas. Choose plush decorative pillows, cozy throws and seat cushions that invite guests to lounge and linger. Then, focus on dining details. Decorate the table with an ocean–inspired fishnet runner, topping it with a tray of break–free glassware and plates, plus coordinating napkins. Fill an empty basket with fruit. It's both decorative and makes the perfect outdoor snack. A drink dispenser filled with citrus–infused water or a fresh cocktail keeps everyone at the table.

As the finishing touch, line up lanterns for a warm glow. When conversation and cocktails continue past sunset, your time outdoors doesn't have to end. Make a seamless transition from daytime to dusk.

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