Small home office decorations

Need to decorate your office in you Los Angeles condo? Small home offices invites a few savvy design tricks: find small-scale furnishings that can be folded shut,; mount lights under a shelf to save desktop space; employ a light- colored palette to increase the perceived space; above all, keep it simple.


To create an uncluttered impression and an office space that feels open to creativity, keep large furniture pieces to a minimum and choose modular pieces or those that serve more than one function. Furniture that is wall-mounted or pieces that stand on narrow legs help make a space feel larger and more open. Furniture with low profiles and clear pieces – like Plexiglass home office chairs – contribute to a sense of spaciousness.


An all-white palette can do wonders for your small office space. A simple palette of black and white helps reduce visual clutter, while reflective materials – like wall mirrors and glass – enhance the airiness of the space. White paint and contemporary details visually expand the sense of space in the room.

Accessories & Decor

A minimalist approach to desk accessories helps preserve peace of mind in a small office. A sleek laptop computer leaves plenty of work surface free, and functional items like pinboards and corkboards can also double as decorative display areas.

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