Green River Ordinance: Loving The Windy City

I am in love with the Windy City! I have been there a few times now and every time I fall more in love with it. My first experience of Chicago was a surprise to me, not in the sense of awesomeness but one of freezing cold! I think the temperature during that February visit was -18 (it was also when Chicago was in the Superbowl)! Needless to say, I came prepared the next time I went to Chicago in the winter. When I went back to Chicago I brought my wife and we celebrated our one year anniversary there. That makes Chicago even more special to me.

During that time we went to the beautiful

Millennium Park

and looked at the interesting art. One sculpture is called

the Bean

. It is a sculpture of what seems to be a giant reflective bean. It's pretty cool - very random, but cool. The park also has an ice skating rink and the fountain from "Married with Children."

Another favorite thing in Chicago is Michigan Avenue - aka The

Magnificent Mile

. It is a street full of great shops spanning from really high end to very affordable. Which is perfect for a cash strapped touring band. The city is full of great architecture too! It is fun to just walk the street s and marvel at the industrial buildings and the amazing thick steeled bridges.

And lastly, if you ever go to Chicago, you have to visit the

Navy Pier

! It is very fun - packed with ride attractions, shops, and food options.

The guys and I recently played at Lincoln Hall. That place is incredible. It is honestly one of the coolest venues we've been able to play as of yet as a headliner. The staff treats you right and they have great food. They have an eclectic calendar - something for everyone, so check it out.

If you're from the South, I only recommend this city in the late Spring or Summer. The weather is perfect 6 months out of the year.

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