Teddy Greenstein's answers

I think that Jon Garland should be given a few pitching opportunities with Sandy Alomar as a catcher. Maybe he needs some veteran leadership to tell him what to pitch. What do you think? ---Michael Cory, Milwaukee

Yeah, you're not the only one who feels that way. But guess who's been catching Esteban "Cy" Loaiza? None other than rookie Miguel Olivo. You could argue that Loaiza's a vet and thus doesn't need as much guidance. But Garland's been around long enough to know what to throw and when to throw it.

Is it too soon to hit the panic button? Granted, Lee is starting to hit, but I get the sense that Konerko was a fluke last year and that all the potential in the world can't make this club much better than .500. I feel like a cynic, but it also looks like Thomas is bound to have another sub .300 season and Garland will again be a "future" prospect. I'm on the verge of calling it a season and it's not even May. I have great seats for the Dodger-Sox series, too! Please, is there a bright spot on this team? Will Koch give up more home runs than saves? --Matt Harris, Los Angeles

Whoa, I'm surprised Jay Mariotti took the time to write this.

Hey, Teddy, great to have you back, look forward to your insight every week. My question for you involves one of my favorite Sox players, Josh Paul. The kid hasn't had an at-bat in almost two weeks and deserves more. Three catchers is a luxury, but is it really making the most of a roster spot by not utilizing Josh? Is he trade bait for teams light on catching? It is probably only a matter of time before Alomar goes on the DL, but would the Sox be better served by trading Paul and bringing up the versatile Willie Harris (.418 avg, 10 RBIs and four stolen bases at Charlotte)? Thanks. --Jason Rohde, Chicago

No, thank you, Jason. As you know by now, you're gonna have to follow your boy Josh by reading the Charlotte Observer. I'm sure it stung Josh to hear that all other 29 teams passed on him. But, hey, it's a long season and everybody in the organization likes him. He'll be back.

As for Willie Harris, it will be interesting to see whether the Sox recall him to take the place of Aaron Rowand.

Teddy, after the Padres' bad mouthing of D'Angelo Jimenez, I saw a sideways comment in ESPN the Magazine that D'Angelo is "lazy" and needs a kick in the rear to focus. Is that true? He seems to be an ideal player since arriving on the South Side. --Chris Dupre, Madison, Wis.

Yeah, the quote you're talking about came from veteran Ryan Klesko during spring training. He told the San Diego Union-Trib: "He's the laziest teammate I've ever played with - that's 10 years."

Jimenez was stunned to hear it. As were the Sox, who claim that they had never heard that reputation.

Whatever the case, it's probably the best thing that could have happened for D'Angelo and the team. Can you imagine the crap he'd get if he tried to sneak out of an infield drill?

Teddy, during Saturday's Sox-Indians game, the TV commentators Hawk and DJ were discussing how pitchers have gotten progressively worse defensively in recent years. They said the problem was that teams don't play "pepper" anymore. What is pepper? --Todd Feurer, Chicago

It's a reaction drill where one guy lobs pitches to a batter from close range. The batter hits ground balls to infielders who are maybe 10-20 feet away. Glad you didn't ask my why it's called pepper.