Ask K.C. Johnson

I'm assuming Muhsin Muhammad is a Muslim. The Islamic month of fasting (Ramadan) is coming up in a couple of weeks. Is Muhsin going to be fasting on Sundays (like Hakeem O. did for the Houston Rockets on game days)? -- Amin, Raleigh, N.C.

Moose actually is a Christian. Though his Arabic name was given to him by his father when his father converted to the Nation of Islam, Moose decided to become a Christian when his parents separated. His parents remain close, and Moose followed the lead of his mother to become a Christian.

When I last lived in Chicago and went to Bears games it really bothered me that they stopped playing "Bear Down, Chicago Bears" after every score, or they only played part of the song, cutting it off before the last two lines and then reverting back to the beginning of the song. What are they doing with it this season? Do they play it at all or do they still have the screwy, recorded version that never lets you sing the last two lines? Do you even have any idea what I'm talking about? Call me superstitious, but I always thought it was a bad omen when they mangled their own fight song. --Bobby Greenfield, Toronto, Ontario

I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. And you'd think I would since the Bears scored five touchdowns last game. Last season, you could go five games without hearing the song five times. I agree with your superstition. But let me get a little more acclimated on the beat before I start paying attention to how the fight song is used.

Do you think that John Shoop and Terry Shea were watching Sunday's game wondering why they could never do that? -- Brian Pinsker, New Albany, Ohio

Since they both were busy coaching, I doubt it. And if they watched film of it, they wouldn't recognize a Bears team scoring 38 points anyway.

Like most people I was really impressed by the Bears' domination of the Lions. However, I am concerned about Doug Brien's ability to hit important field goals. Do you think he was the right pickup for the Bears? --Andy, Champaign

I do. Let's face facts: He's one of the most accurate kickers in NFL history. Yes, he had high profile playoff misses with the Jets. And, yes, he got off to a rough start to his home kicking season. But his kickoffs were both consistently high and deep and past history shows he will become more accurate. He entered the season 10th all-time with an 81.1 conversion rate on career field-goal attempts.

As an Illinois alum, I was hoping to see Kurt Kittner get a chance to play a little mop-up duty in the game against Detroit. I thought that after the last exhibition game, he was set at No. 2 on the depth chart. What happened? -- Brian Cook, Huntington Beach, Cal.

First of all, how's the jumper? Second of all, Kurt never rose to No. 2 on the depth chart, so nothing happened. Jeff Blake is the backup and Kurt is the No. 3 quarterback. If Rex Grossman stays on the active roster and comes back around Thanksgiving, look for Kurt to drop again. His knowledge of Ron Turner's offense is impressive and he has a solid arm. But if he takes any snaps for the Bears this season, either that game or the season is well beyond reach.

I keep reading the term "Bears football" in comments from both reporters and Bears' coaches. Last time I checked there was no Mr. Bears on the coaching staff. I'm wondering when or if I will see "Lovie Smith" football. Is there even such a thing as "Lovie Smith" football? -- Eric Snodgrass, Los Angeles

Five turnovers and a defensive touchdown would be your answer.

K.C., has it been asked when Mark Bradley will play a bigger role in the offense? I am very upset with Justin Gage's performance and feel a guy that has been here three or more years should be able to get open every once in a while. If the Bears do not get more production out of their other receivers, Muhsin Muhammad will be getting doubled-teamed all year and take big shots. -- Martize Allen, Oak Park

I agree that the Bears need more production out of other receivers to take pressure off both Orton and Muhammad. But your frustration with Gage also could be directed at Bradley. After tearing up the preseason, he has just two catches in the first two games. His numbers, in fact, are identical to those of Gage. But you're right: The Bears other wideouts combined have six catches, six fewer than Muhammad. That has to change.

K.C., why didn't the Bears go after one of the legit number two receivers that were let go before the season, like Peerless Price or Koren Robinson? -- Andy Hatfield, Scranton, Pa.

Because they drafted Bradley and think he will be a legitimate impact player. Just not yet.

Thanks for your questions. Talk to you next week,