K.C. Johnson's answers

I'm puzzled. Why is everyone in the media picking on the NFC North? The AFC East standings, as a whole, don't look any better! --Michael Martin, Homer, Ga.

I'd still take the Patriots over the Bears.

At this pace and workload will Thomas Jones make it through the season, they always said he was too small right? --Paul from Virginia

Jones has played all 16 games twice, in 2001 with Arizona and in 2003 with Tampa Bay. But he carried the ball only 112 and 137 times, respectively, in those two seasons. A sprained knee and sore ribs haven't knocked Jones out yet this season. But this is exactly why the Bears are comfortable with the Cedric Benson plan. They feel he's a viable replacement if Jones goes down for a game or more.

I had to laugh when I read your Oct. 26 answers and you slammed both your wife and parents. That's what makes for comedic writing -- keep up the good work. My question? Will Muhsin Muhammad and Kyle Orton become a respectable combination come the end of season or will the Bears continue to become Thomas Jones' team? -- Brian Hintz, Stevens Point, Wisconsin

I'd ask my boss, but, ah, never mind.... I think you're on to one of the growing subplots to this season. Winning is helping mask the flaws, but the fact that Moose and Orton haven't developed a solid chemistry yet is something to monitor. Anyone can see that Moose has been open several times and Orton has just missed him. Orton has shown improvement throughout this season. But if the Bears' passing attack is ever going to make hay, Moose has to get involved.

Kenneth Carl (sorry couldn't resist): Anyway, talk about Rex Grossman's recovery is starting to pick up. But from the comments I've heard from Lovie, it sounds like he'll be the backup for this season, and who knows for next. What is your personal feeling on the matter? -- Josh H., Florida

What's the H. stand for? (Sorry couldn't resist.) My personal feeling is that Rex is being optimistic when he says he's shooting to return in time for the Nov. 27 Tampa Bay game. And even if he is ready, it would take a colossal collapse by both Orton and the Bears for Grossman to become the starter. This is strictly my opinion, but I'd like to see a healthy Grossman and Orton report to training camp next season and battle it out for the No. 1 role. I've always thought training camp competition makes for better players.

Will the Bears release a quarterback when Grossman comes back healthy and which one do you think it will be? -- Jan Weber, Kiel, Germany

Grossman already is on the active roster, so they wouldn't necessarily have to make this move.

I bet the Bears wish they would have kept David Terrell now. He would have served the team well as a second option. How about Lovie giving Jerry Rice a call now that Bradley is done for the year? --Kevin Scholl, Yardley, Penn.

The only people who wish David Terrell were still around--on a football level--are media members who miss his outlandish comments. Jerry Angelo loves his draft picks so much that Airese Curry may be the next Jerry Rice.

KC, will the Bears consider playing Benson and Thomas Jones at the same time now that there is a hole at the second WR position? They could send TJ in motion out of the backfield as a receiver, or split him out wide the way they did with Neal Anderson. --Mike Vander Vliet, Ada, Mich.

How quickly people forget Marc Edwards has as many touchdown catches as Moose Muhammad. You people.

Thanks for your questions. Talk to you next week,