From the Cubicle: White Sox-Dodgers





Nothing against

John Danks

. His performance at Wrigley last Friday was great, at least



Mark Buehrle

, besides being back to his old self (

), is nice and efficient. In Tuesday's 6-1 win over the Dodgers,

That's every cubiclers dream!


Especially for a game that starts quite late -- 2:05 CST. And especially for a girl whose got a hot date tonight starting at 6:30. That's right…the first ever


Draft cubicle. I know, hold your applause. But I will give you five minutes to cancel your Thursday evening plans (Ugly Betty re-runs?) and call all your friends. Invite them over to stare at your computer. You can rip

the Bulls

on our message board when they trade the No. 1 pick for

and another tall guy who can't shoot.

All your phone calls made? Fantastic.

The winner of today's Sox-Dodgers contest will win the series, as the Sox took Game 1 6-1 on Tuesday and got blanked last night by a pitcher named Stultz (tricky last name to type).

Sox throw out the aforementioned Danks against 20-year-old

of the Dodgers. This confusing, yet colorful, chart tells me…uh, 62% of his first pitches are fastballs and his very favorite zone to rightys is high and away. I'd prefer to know his favorite movie or what kind of tree he's like to be…but I guess that doesn't help the scouting reports.

Here's your

And it's a special one with

Brian Anderson

batting second (huh?) and

Toby Hall

behind the plate.

Comment board is below so you can see your name in print.

if you'd like to tell me your favorite movie or what tree you'd like to be.

Baseball soon. Wimbledon update: Andy Roddick losing, but looking to pull even in the 4th set.


I'm playing injured today, as I burned my wrist on a hot skillet while making dinner last night. I am a clumsy, clumsy girl. Another programming alert: The Sox hope to have the No. 1 pick at the ballpark on Friday. Is

Derrick Rose

a Cubs or Sox fan? 76 degrees in L.A. today, with a slight breeze blowing out of the West. It's too hot in Chicago today for my liking. Mix in all the tourists milling around the Tribune today...and well, I might go Chacon on someone too. First pitch to

Orlando Cabrera

is a fastball high. Hey, that's what that scouting report said. Crazy! O-Cab takes the third pitch to RF for a leadoff single. Anderson hits the first pitch he sees to the third base corner, and Russell Martin (usually a catcher) make the one-hop catch and throw to second for the force. No throw to first, so that's where Anderson stands. Dreamy

Carlos Quentin

now. He's batting .400 his last seven games, according to CSN. No good here, as Quentin hits into the routine double play to end the inning.

No score.

, so the only Americans left are the Williams sisters, I believe. Ex-Cub

Juan Pierre

is first up for the Dodgers. He's got 30 stolen bases this season. Danks gets Pierre to pop up in foul territory, but backup catcher Hall can't make the play. Right off the end of his glove. Two hands! Two hands! 2-2 count on Pierre. SoxFan Ethan: I would agree with your assesment on the southsider Rose. Pierre makes the Sox pay, as he lines a single to Quentin in LF. Also, that counted on an error on Hall. Big lead for Pierre; Danks makes a few throws over and almost nails him. And then Pierre steals second on the low throw from Hall. Four pickoff attempts, then a pitch to the batter, then Pierre is off and running. 3-0 count now. 3-1 and then a foul tip makes it 3-2. Kemp checks up his swing and draws the walk. Martin pops it to Swisher in foul ground, and Swish doesn't make a boo-boo. One out, runners stay put. James Loney now. Awesome last name. Pierre is off and running on the first pitch, Hall's one-hop throw draws

Joe Crede

's glove up and Pierre slides underneath. Speedy. Kemp to second. Loney hits a line drive/pop fly to O-Cab, who makes the grab for the second out. Andy LaRoche skies the 1-1 pitch to Dye for the last out. Danks pitches himself out of a jam.

No score.


JD is the first batter this inning against the very young Kershaw. 3-0...3-1...then JD draws the walk. Swish shows bunt and does bunt. 3B Martin makes the barehanded grab and throws Swish out by inches. Nice stretch by the Dodgers first baseman and nice throw by the third baseman. Crede now with Dye at second. Crede missed the last two games with a sore back. He said it was from the flight and not from his previous back surgery. He grounds out to his counterpart at third for the second out.

Alexei Ramirez hits a broken-bat (perhaps?) line drive to LF, and Pierre has no arm, so Dye will come around and score. White Sox 1-0

. Ramirez is safe on the advance to second. Dodgers intentionally walk Hall. They are scared of his power. Or they just wanted to face the awkward AL pitcher. It's a push. Danks fouls a few off before striking out swinging. At least he went down swinging. Literally.

White Sox 1-0.

Oh right,

Joe Torre

is the manager out there. How could i forget


Adam Sandler

in the crowd today.

Delwyn Young is up first. Related to Delmon Young? That would be a confusing. Young gets a full count. Couple fouls...and then he draws the walk. Ex-Royal Angel Berroa now. He's batting a meager .191 this season. He grounds into the easy DP to clear out those bases.

Danny Ardoin

runs the count to 2-0...foul...line drive to O-Cab...ball takes a funky bounce but O-Cab recovers and makes the throw. Ump calls him safe though, since Swish was pulled off the base. Bummer for O-Cab. Here's some pitcher-on-pitcher pitching. Danks strikes him out on four pitches.

White Sox 1-0.


PaleHoser: Probably because the Sox actually called for Swish to bunt. Crazy idea to advance the runner. Also, Martin did make a really nice play. Aw, the Sox hung

Paul Konerko

's jersey in the dugout in his absence. BFFs! O-Cab up first. Kershaw walks O-Cab and that makes it three straight innings that the leadoff dude has made it to first. Anderson now. 11 RBIs so far for him. Anderson strikes out swinging and the catcher fires down to first to try and pickoff O-Cab. But no luck. One out. Kershaw's pitch gets "through the wickets of Danny Ardoin" and O-Cab moves to second. Quote courtesy of Hawk.

Quentin hits a base hit to RF and that will score O-Cab. White Sox 2-0.

Young kinda bobbles the ball, but Quentin stays at first. One out and one on for JD. 2-0 count and the Dodgers' pitching coach comes out to talk to his youngster. Must have worked because Kershaw gets a strike. JD grounds it to 3B, Martin makes a nice grab and throws it to second, but the throw pulss LaRoche off the bag and everyone is safe. No error, ruled a hit. Swish now. He hits it deep to LF, and because Pierre has no arm, both runners tag. Crede hits a grounder to third for the third out. His bat breaks and Quentin (running home) has to duck. That could have been bad.

White Sox 2-0.

Top of the order for the Dodgers in the third. Pierre hits it to O-Cab, but it's deflected by Danks, and it's an error on O-Cab. Looks like it bounced off the top of his palm. Hawk thinks it shouldn't count as an error since Danks changed the flight of said grounder. I'm sure Hawk will drop his complaint real soon. Or not. Kemp hits a single to CF and the speedy (but armless) Pierre will run to third. Danks in trouble again. Martin has an 0-2 count and my Comcast goes out and "Unstable signal" pops up. Groovy. It comes back in time for me to see Martin strike out swinging. One out. Loney also gets an 0-2 count. And then he hits a slow grounder to Alexei who fields and flips to O-Cab at second who then fires to first to complete the DP. Alexei made that look easy, which I'm sure it isn't. The glove flip...always tricky.


White Sox 2-0.


Alexei gets Danks out of another jam. And wouldn't you know it...Alexei is up first. First pitch swinging...he's got a double off the wall in CF. The Cuban Missile strikes again. Hawk thinks he's the best baseball player on the team. Really nice glove work by Alexei today, as we get to see that last play about 15 times. Toby Hall now. Bunt to move over? Um, no. He's swinging away. He pokes it to RF for a single and Alexei moves to third. Hawk: "Alexei Ramirez is worth the price of admission." But parking too? Oh boy, Danks is bunting. This should be fun to watch. Ugh, he bunts right in front of the plate and the Dodgers are able to turn to DP. Two outs, man on third. Quite close to being a foul ball or bunt in the batters box. It's up to O-Cab. Full-count and then a big curve ball strikes him out looking. Sox strand one.

White Sox 2-0.

Q: I don't think I'll have to go on the DL. And it's my non-Vegas wrist. Cardinals and Tigers are tied 2-2 after nine innings. Guess they'll keep playing. LaRoche, Young Berroa are schedule to bat this inning. LaRoche yanks the 2-2 pitch down the line just out of the reach of a diving Crede. And that's a leadoff double. Young, who walked last time, grounds it to Ramirez at second for the out. And LaRoche will move to third. Squeeze play? Thanks Update Desk for those...updates. Berroa whiffs and it's 0-2. 2-2. Then he hits a comebacker to Danks, who knocks it down. And doesn't throw to first, instead he tries to get LaRoche coming back to third. And everyone is safe. Danks gets ahead of Ardoin 0-2. Couple fouls, a ball, foul...Danks is at 73 pitches. Ardoin lines it back to Danks, and then Danks throws to first to double-up Berroa. Hawk goes nuts.

White Sox 2-0.


Couple nice defensive plays by Danks. Does that make up for his bunt/DP last inning? Anderson finally gets aboard, but it's charged as an error to the shortstop Berroa, who bobbled the grounder. Error Berroa. Lotsa Rs there. Carlos Quentin. Kershaw's first pitch to him gets away from the catcher and Anderson moves to second. 3-0 count to Quentin. John Paxson: I will probably be a big homer when Brandon Rush, Darrell Arthur and Mario "Dude. I made that 3" Chalmers are drafted. I can't wait. Now it's full on Quentin. Curve ball misses and CQ draws the walk. Here comes Joe Torree and there goes the youngster. New pitcher is Brian Falkenborg, 1-1 with 3.60 with Triple AAA in Vegas. Detroit beat the Cards 3-2 in 10 innings. Falkenborg gets JD first. He hits a slow grounder just in front of third (no play at third) and JD is out at first. Runners advance. Switch-hitting Swish now.

Dick Butkus

in attendance, seated next to

. Dodgers will walk Swish to face Crede. Bases loaded, one out. Crede hits it right back to the pitcher, who completes the DP. Pitcher to home to first. Sox strand three. I mean two. I mean three. I mean, look...a bird!

White Sox 2-0.

Astros release

Shawn Chacon

. Note to self: Do not choke boss. Dodgers use Mark Sweeney to pinch-hit for the Falkenborg. He's .262 all-time as a pinch-dude. 3-0 count from Danks and then flies out to Quentin in LF. Top of the order and the armless Pierre. He slices it to LF and Quentin makes the running grab. Pretty play. Kemp draws the 3-1 walk. 85 pitches for Danks. Third walk for Danks. Oh my...Martin hits it deeeeeeep to RF and I think, crap, tied. But Dye makes the catch (perhaps over the wall, bad camera angle) for the tremendous third out. Thanks dude!

White Sox 2-0.


I need a replay, Comcast. New Dodgers pitcher is Cory Wade, 2.67 ERA and 17 strikeouts. Alexei is up first. He shows bunt and it goes off his foot. 1-1. He then lifts the Wade offering to CF for the easy out. Hall: called strike, called strike, swinging strike. Danks will bat for himself. Isn't this where Ozzie pulled him last game? And Danks gets himself a hit. Get that man that ball! It's Danks first career hit. Aw. And they do, but not after Wade throws it into his own dugout. Eventually it makes it over to the Sox dugout. Wade seems a bit perturbed that the AL pitcher got the hit. O-Cab. He lines it to LaRoche for the third out.

White Sox 2-0.

Danks put the leadoff man on four out of six innings (sounds right, I don't feel like checking). He's at 88 pitches to start this inning. Loney flies out to Quentin for the first out. LaRoche quickly flies out to Anderson in CF. Speeeedy. Me likey. Delwyn Young gets ahead 3-0 in the count. No replay of that Dye grab last inning. Also no shot of the Sox bullpen, so I can't tell ya if anyone is warming. Danks comes back and it's a full count. High ball four. Fourth walk by Danks.

Octavio Dotel


Matt Thornton

are warming up among the Christmas trees. Or some kind of green tree. Berroa up now. The 2-2 pitch gets away from Hall and Young moves to third on the wild pitch. 2-2, 2 outs, man on second. And Berroa strikes out swinging. Dodgers fan boo.

White Sox 2-0.


AP story on Chacon states: "The team requested waivers on Chacon on Thursday for the purpose of giving him his unconditional release. If he isn't claimed by another major league team by Monday, waivers will expire and his contract will be terminated without pay." Anderson, Quentin, Dye will face Wade this inning. Anderson hits the 2-2 pitch deep to RF, but not deep enough as Young gets under it for the out. SoxFan Ethan: I think it's a special case since Chacon choked his boss. Otherwise, he would get paid. Cranky editor: Huh, I could have sworn is was Stultz. Too much coffee for me. Thanks for the correction. Quentin gets nailed in the hip/belt area by Wade. Here's JD. Carlos is off and running and picks up his fifth stolen base this season. 2-0 count to JD. And he eventually draws the walk. Swish is up; Greg Honeycutt, the pitching coach I assume, comes out for a chat. 2-0 on Swish...the cat-bird seat? Yes. He takes a big hack and the count is even at 2-2. He makes contact on the next pitch, fly ball to center for the second out. Here's Crede, who used to be clutch but hasn't been so much today. 2-2 count, two men on, two outs. And Crede strikes out swinging. Sigh.

White Sox 2-0.

Nets trade

Richard Jefferson

to Milwaukee for Yi Jianlian and

Bobby Simmons

. Hmmmm. Matt Thornton is the new Sox pitcher, 3-1, 2.48 ERA. He'll face Luis Maza, pinch-hitting for the catcher. First pitch strike. Maza checks it up and it's 2-2. Sox thought he went. Ozzie shakes his head. And then Maza grounds it up the middle for a single. Don Cooper is not pleased. And he's telling the ump so. And someone gets tossed...let's see. Ozzie comes out to talk to the 1B ump while Cooper continues to yell from the dugout. I assume Cooper, but they tell us nada. Add it up add it up: I think Crede has left eight men on base. BRUTAL! Andre Ethier is pinch-hitting for the pitcher Wade. He flies out shallowly to Quentin in LF. Here's armless Pierre. Maybe no one got tossed. Whatever, it wasn't Ozzie or any Sox players. Moving on. One out, runner at first for Pierre. Full count...couple foul balls (one about a centimeter from the line in deep LF)...and then Thornton stays with him and makes Pierre fly out to Quentin. Ten pitches on that at-bat. Thornton will leave and the Sox bring in...Octavio Dotel, 3-4, 3.31 ERA. DJ pronounced his name like "Oh (long comma), do tell." Heh. He'll face Matt Kemp with one aboard and two outs. 2-2 count on Kemp and then Dotel strikes him out looking. Pretty.

White Sox 2-0.


I need a nap before the NBA Draft. Think they'd postpone it a few hours for me? Oh-no: Well said. Oh Cooper did get thrown out of the game, grabbed an object and hurled it to the bench, then came up lame. Looks like he pulled a hammy. The bench tried not to laugh. Ramon Troncoso is the new pitcher. He strikes out Ramirez. Replay of the Coop injury..he tries to walk it off like no big deal. But he's clearly in pain. Oh, men. Hawk and DJ are cracking up still. Hall also strikes out swinging. I believe there were some defensive substitutions, but eh. Thome is pinch-hitting for O-Dotel. Strike one. All the Sox gather around a camera in the dugout to watch the Coop replay. Swish loves it. Thome grounds it to the first baseman, who ranges far to his right for the third out.

White Sox 2-0.

That Cooper-hammy thing was mighty amusing. Let's hope it doesn't ruin the Sox's focus these last two innings. New Sox pitcher is

Scott Linebrink

, 2-2, 1.50 ERA. He gets Martin first. Grounder to Crede who backhands it and then sucks it up for the first out. At least Crede is good for the defense today. Loney pops it up to Ramirez at second for the second out. Swisher still cracking up in the field. LaRoche grounds out to O-Cab for the last out.

White Sox 2-0.


Cooper apparently

. Sox have left 10 men on base; Dodgers have stranded eight. O-Cab is first up against Troncoso. My Comcast keeps going in and out. Someone pay the bills! O-Cab walks. Here's Anderson. He bunts (I think, our Tribune tower feed is bad) and O-Cab goes over to second. Quentin hits a chopper to third for the second out. O-Cab stays at second. O-Cab steals second on the first pitch to JD. JD strikes out to end the inning.

White Sox 2-0.


Bobby Jenks

time. 16 saves, 2.15 ERA on the big dude. First up is Young; 0-1 for today with two walks. First pitch is a chopper down the first base line. Jenks fields it (he's quite nimble) and tags the running Young. Blake DeWitt is the pinch-hitter for Berroa. 1-2 count and then DeWitt grounds it to Crede for the second out. Maza now. Add it up add it up: I'd say 'Falls down walking' or 'Wears crimson and blue.' Jenks gets ahead 0-2 and then Maza fouls it off. 2-2 count. Full count. Maza drives it RF but JD is there for the final out.

White Sox 2-0.

Final thoughts:

Well, maybe I don't want Buehrle to start as Danks was pretty money today. And pretty speedy...just around three hours. Thanks dude! I'm gonna grab some grub and then I'll be back for all your NBA Draft coverage. Can you feel the excitement! Thanks for reading.