The question: Who's your favorite cookbook author?

The Barefoot Contessa! Ina Garten knows how to cook and her recipes are fun and easy to follow. She entertains with style, grace and simplicity. I want my guests to feel at home and her cookbooks make the reader feel as though (he or she) is in her kitchen, cooking right alongside her.

— Linda K. Parkyn, Chicago


Ted Allen, Jane and Michael Stern, Alton Brown and Julia Child. I also liked Rachael Ray's first few cookbooks (before she was famous).

– Lisa Tatulis Courtney, Chicago


Julia (Child) and Jacques Pépin for entertaining reading, but No. 1 for actual use is "The America's Test Kitchen Cookbook."

Debra Fulscher

James Beard.

— Laurie Eastman, Chicago


Hannah Kaminsky (author of "Vegan Desserts" and "Vegan à la Mode").


Julia Moran Martz

Diana Kennedy (author of "The Cuisines of Mexico" and "The Art of Mexican Cooking").

Julia A. Johnson

Ina, Ina, Ina (Garten).

— Ashleigh Deese Grambo, Libertyville

Hank Shaw. "Hunt, Gather, Cook: Finding the Forgotten Feast" is an amazing book.

— Daniel Prazer, Chicago


Heidi Swanson!! (author of "Super Natural Every Day.")

Lainie Roth

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