Anderson Bell vs. ticket fees

When Anderson Bell wanted to buy tickets to a Pearl Jam concert, one thing got in his way. "I had about $200, and when I went to buy the tickets and they came out to be $120 but there was a $50 service fee. It was a deal breaker for me, and something just seemed really wrong with that situation. The band was missing out, the venue was missing out and I was missing out." So Bell created FanFueled, a do-it-yourself ticketing platform with minimal service fees that actually pays the fans for spreading the word about an event. "I wanted to come up with a concept that rewarded your best customers instead of penalizing them," he says. "We have events on our site that range from pub crawls to charity events to concerts. Anything that you can sell a ticket to. And anyone selling tickets can log in, set up an account and have their event up in five minutes. And it's free." While Bell has yet to offer Pearl Jam concert tickets on his site, it has grown quickly since its launch last September. And fans will gladly pay the $2.49 service fee over the $25 fee found on other sites. "We look at ourselves as clean energy for the live event industry," he says. "We are giving back to the most important resource, which is the consumer and the fan. They only have a certain amount of disposable income—and by giving back to them we are enabling them to go to more events and create something with longevity." For more information, visit (Above: Anderson Bell at a concert)
Photo courtesy of Anderson Bell
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