Love, friendship, family -- we all have relationships in our lives. Here are some of the Tribune's best stories about those relationships.

Social Rx: How to recover from five classic faux pas

Dealing with common social mistakes: What to do if you inadvertently insult someone, forget a name at a party, or spill a beverage on your date

How to handle multiple moms

Managing moms (the grandmas, the stepmoms and stepgrandmas)

Missing Mom and Dad

When parents are gone, can adult siblings maintain relationships

Marriage counseling: Saving, or sabotaging, a marriage

In the high-stakes world of marriage therapy, couples in distress should take care to seek experienced counsel.

Navigating the family vacation

Making the most of a vacation week when family members have different ideas of fun

Screen drama

Is fighting over television ruining your relationship? How to find peace

'Tween daughter likes raunchy tunes

Tween daughter's pals listen to raunchy music. Should you give in?

Bitter, not better

Bitterness can not only drag you down – it can destroy relationships. How to tame that tiger.

Love in the time of GPS

The brave new world of mobile dating turns every idle moment into an opportunity for flirting and gives romantic meaning to the mantra location, location, location.

Won't you be your own valentine?

Some ways to show yourself some love for Valentine's Day

Getting from heartbreak to happy

There is life and love after heartbreak, so pick yourself up off the bathroom floor and get to healing with these tips and inspiring stories.

What's behind the lies?

The mechanics of lying, why some people may take lying to extremes

How to write a love letter

How to write a love letter.

Perfectly miserable

Myth of the Perfect Girl says teen girls are saddled with overwhelming expectations, anxiety

Dating in an age of multiple divorces

Do multiple divorces signal a red flag, or is this just part of the norm for singles? A few things to keep in mind.

What are men really thinking?

WTF Are Men Thinking: Author shares insights of his and co-author's research on men's point of view

Why can't we share?

How to improve sharing skills for yourself and your kids

Are you a niceaholic?

Being nice is good, but when it veers into chronic people pleasing, it's time to buck up and stand up for yourself.

How to understand body language

Understanding body language: There are several areas of the body and positions that can telegraph one's true feelings. Ideally you want to read as many as possible, not just one. Here are some places to start.

Website helps adult kids play matchmaker for a parent helps adult kids find their parents a date

Navigating the holidays after a recent divorce

Navigating the holidays after a recent divorce: Psychotherapist offers advice

Talking about old flames: Playing with fire?

Are past relationships relevant? Or is it best to remain mum and ignorant? Experts discuss whether and how partners should talk about their exes.

Surfing for romance on campus

Dating tips for college students.

Love lessons from the Boomers

Marriage experts tell baby boomers how to avoid traps that have their peers divorcing in record numbers

Looking for friends in all the right places

After college, women have to put some extra effort into finding new friends

Age gap: She's old enough to be his ... wife

Though not as scandalous as it was in Mrs. Robinson's day, society still looks askance at older women who date younger men. But couples say the age gap is a boon, if it matters at all.

Women and power

Forbes' annual list reveals the triumph of change, and some disheartening realities too

Navigating the waters of tricky moral dilemmas

Be Good collects 12 years of Randy Cohen's ethics columns

Single? Boy, are you not alone

Unmarried people number 102 million, according to the Census Bureau. It's certainly a large enough number for celebrating National Unmarried and Single Americans Week, this year Sept. 16-22.

Minding your e-manners online

Email etiquette is wise to observe, whether you are sending personal or professional missives.

First vacation: Ticket to romance -- or ruin?

A couple's first trip together can present unique challenges to their budding romance

A surprising new look at arranged marriages

Interview with psychology professor Pamela Regan, who studied arranged marriages

Breaking the bashful barrier

Almost half of Americans consider themselves shy, a perfectly nice personality trait until fear of things going awry stop you from pursuing the dating life you want.

Meeting an old flame? Coffee is safer than lunch

When it comes to consuming calories with a person of the opposite sex, sharing meals sparks significantly more jealousy than meeting that same person for coffee, according to a new study from Cornell University researchers.

Pull down the shades, pull out the toys

As 'Fifty Shades of Grey' goes mainstream, sex toy sales are heating up too

Making a case for a spicier sex life

Sex counselor Ian Kerner and actress Lisa Rinna get personal in their new book, The Big Fun Sexy Sex Book.

Interracial marriage: Mixing in matching

While Americans' support for interracial marriage has become nearly universal and mixed marriages twice as common as they were 30 years ago, dating across ethnic lines still carries apprehensions.

Tickets to coveted event could win that coveted date

Want to land a date? It pays to invest in two tickets to a coveted event.

Online sharing: How much is too much?

Online sharing: Survey reveals that as much as we share digitally, there is still a lot of information we would rather not have access to

First date deal breakers

Top 10 dating turnoffs from a recent survey conducted by dating website

Tips for the single, dating dad

A guide to dating for single dads, and the women who want to date them.

Kindness in action

Concrete ways to help a friend or loved one who is living through a stressful time

How to get over the one who got away

Having trouble letting go of the one who got away? A few ideas to lose the past and start anew.

Can college hurt your marriage prospects?

A new study finds that very disadvantaged men and women who attend college are less likely to get married than their less-educated peers

Beyond chemistry: Science of relationships

Relationship success isn't just chemistry – or happiness

Lovelorn liars online

Online daters who lie in their profiles leave subconscious clues to their deception in their writing, according to a new study.

Welcoming a dog into bliss of married life

How to ease your dog into married life

A breakup book for the heart left behind

Breakup Bible author Rachel Sussman guides women through aftermath of divorce and breakups

Materialism can take a toll on marriage

Study finds that materialistic couples are less happy, but results change when just one partner is focused on money

Let's call the whole thing off

Having reservations as marriage looms is common and not always a bellwether of doom. The tough part is distinguishing between standard anxiety and serious doubts — and, if it's the latter, mustering the courage to walk away.

Next-door nemesis

How to resolve conflicts with a problematic neighbor without ruining your relationship

Disability and desire

How to navigate the dating world when health complications preclude intercourse

Navigating the dating scene when you're young, and widowed

Young widows and widowers face particular challenges as they begin to date again.

5 things you should never do on a date

Don't have more than two drinks. Don't split the tab.

Tips for a post-divorce social life

How to keep your social life alive after divorce

Spying in the name of love

What is healthy to keep private from your romantic partner? And is snooping ever justified?

How to make yourself attractive to anyone

Making yourself attractive to someone goes beyond hair and makeup

When your kids dislike the new love in your life

What to do when your children hate the new love in your life

Tips to avoid breaking up over money

Money vs. love: steps to take to avoid financial problems in your relationship

What not to say on a first date

First date no-no's: What you say can make the difference between scaring off a potential mate and getting to the second date

An original proposition

With most brides today involved in picking their engagement rings, getting a Yes typically is a foregone conclusion and the greatest pressure lies in pulling off a creative, re-tellable and, for some, YouTube-able proposal to knock a girl's socks off.

Ready for a baby?

The nursery might be painted, the crib assembled and the folic acid loyally consumed, but the life-altering experience of caring for a newborn takes even the best-prepared new parents by surprise.

Divorce yourself from marital anxiety

As people wait longer to marry, set higher standards for a spouse and become increasingly comfortable with the idea of staying unhitched, they also suffer more anxiety around the marriage decision.

Balancing between love and work

Work-life balance, that elusive holy grail of modern fulfillment, is in the eye of the beholder. Experts offer ways to find a strategy that provides time for passion in both relationships and career.

Marriage? Let me think about it

Over the past 50 years, marriage has slid from an economic and sexual necessity to an optional milestone. With married couples now representing less than half of American households, some people wonder, What's the point of marrying at all?

Sharing a life — but not a bed

For some happy couples, sharing a life doesn't have to mean sharing a bed.

Here comes the bawdy bride-to-be

The bachelorette party, part of the endless procession of pre-wedding festivities, has evolved in some circles into a brides-gone-wild phallus frenzy, a raucous farewell to singlehood that somehow equates female bonding with public humiliation. How did it come to this?

Financial infidelity

A third of Americans say they lie to their spouse about money, but even seemingly harmless financial fibs cause erode the trust relationships need to thrive or snowball to create a credit nightmare.

Lifeskills: How to end a relationship

There is no easy way to break up with a significant other, but you can be kind about it. Psychologist Linda Young offers a guide to a humane break up.

Finding your missing piece

As a service to commitment-phobes and others plagued with romantic indecision, we talk to happy couples about how they knew they'd found The One.

5 wedding myths, busted

Wedding bells cause enough headaches without the noise of outdated or misguided rules. Here are five wedding myths that happy couples and their guests can banish from their to-do lists to save money, time and grief.