Ultra Subaru Horizon

Ultra Subaru Horizon (November 30, 2012)

Picture Vin Diesel racing above the streets of Tokyo in a flying turbocharged Nissan GT-R. Imagine Daniel Craig on the Autobahn in a white-knuckle chase sequence circa 2050, behind the wheel of a smart Aston Martin. 

That’s the idea behind the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challenge, an exercise in imagining the future of A-list movie cars. 

Studios from Japan and Germany joined Southern California entrants for the wildest Design Challenge yet. Not only did they dream up the ultimate movie cars of the future, they came up with clever story lines and titles. 

Grab some popcorn and let the trailers roll. 

Honda IH (Intelligent Horse)

Set in a distant, grim future, “High Noon” centers around the IH, a high-tech companion and protector inspired by the legend of the long-extinct horse. They’re strong and functional beasts with nanotechnology and artificial intelligence. From Honda Research Development Americas. 

Hyundai Stratus Sprinter

Countess Elena, the immortal daughter of vampire parents, rides this magical vehicle into battle against Communist aggression. The Stratus Sprinter packs light combat capabilities and technology that renders it invisible in daylight. Hyundai Design North America presents “Countess of Siberia.”   

Maybach Berline Carriage

Follow our heroine Cindy — a neglected stepdaughter — as she celebrates her birthday in a Maybach prototype, the Berline Carriage. Based on the Mercedes GL-Class, the Berline features autonomous satellite-navigated driving with a 3-D virtual chauffeur. Will she make it back before curfew? “Cinderella and the Maybach Berline” is helmed by Mercedes Interior Design Studio, Germany. 

Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow

“Silver Lightning” stars Hans05 and Franz02, a pair of smart crash-test dummies that do battle with Dr. Barrier. The Advanced Design Center in California based its design on the Silver Arrow race car from the 1930s, with elements from the W125 series and the Uhlenhaut SLR from the ’50s. 

Smart 341 Parkour

In “Annie Get the Grannies!” journalist Annie Angle sets out to find the missing Grannies, human-like robots that assemble the tiny Smart cars. Annie’s versatile Smart 341 Parkour can fly and climb the sides of skyscrapers. A Mercedes Advanced Design Germany production. 

Ultra Subaru HORIZON

Centuries after the Earth has stopped rotating, people living in the Nightsphere need fuel from a rare crystallized mineral that’s only found in the uninhabitable Daysphere. Four brave souls go on a quest in the Ultra Subaru HORIZON, developed to withstand the Daysphere’s unrelenting heat and killer storms in “Divided,” from Subaru’s Design Tokyo Studio. 


Bob Young
   Custom Publishing Writer