Free Music Friday! Brighten your weekend with Bright Eyes track

Indie-rockers Bright Eyes are heading back to The NorVa in Norfolk Saturday, Sept. 3, and tickets are on sale today.

To mark the ocassion, Free Music Friday is pointing you to a free track from the band's most recent album, "The People's Key."

"Haile Selassie" is a throbbing, electric rock tune that makes reference to the historical figure of its title, the Ethiopian emperor worshiped by Rastafarians. Mostly, though, it's a platform for songwriter Conor Oberst's dreamy, poetic ramblings. It makes me think of The Smiths, which is not a bad thing.

Oberst sings, "I seen stranger things, man. I seen that tree of smoke." No doubt, Rastaman.

Give up the e-mail address, and you can climb on board the magic carpet.

... Or listen here. 



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