Inexpensive IKEA art print fools visitors to museum in the Netherlands

Ektorp? Poang? Museum prank involving IKEA street art print fools visitors

An inexpensive art print from IKEA managed to fool visitors to a museum in the Netherlands in an online video, created by a Dutch production company, that has since gone viral.

As shown in the clip, hosts for the online series "Lifehunters" installed the IKEA print in the modern art museum in Arnhem, the Netherlands, and displayed the piece alongside other works of art.

The three-minute video shows host Boris Lange asking visitors what they thought of the IKEA print, which he told them was created by the famous Swedish artist "Ike Andrews."

One visitor said that the name "Ike Andrews" sounded familiar. Another marveled at the work, saying "you can clearly see it concerns a form of symbolism."

Visitors were then invited to guess how much the print is worth, with some estimating in the hundreds of thousands of euros, and one visitor saying he would buy it for 2.5 million euros.

In the end, the host reveals that the print is actually from IKEA, which provokes laughter from most of the visitors. 

In the past, IKEA has invited select street artists from around the world to create works for a limited-edition line of posters. 

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